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Sound Gallery is a Fuss feature where we interview a DJ or producer and invite them to curate a mix which exhibits their style, skill and talents. In this edition of the Sound Gallery we feature Buli. We discuss his relationship with music, the Feels LP, pizza and what he defines success to be.


Who is Buli and where does the moniker come from?

Buli is an anime loving/pizza eating producer. Buli is sort of a variation of my name. My actual name is Shibule. So take the last four words and it’s  Buli. Also my family calls me that so yeah.

Talk us through your early relationship with music as a listener. What was the first genre of music you really appreciated and can you recall the first piece you paid?

Shit. I can’t remember  I know the first album I bought  was  “Demon Days” by The Gorillaz. Was into a lot of different stuff. Then got more into stuff like Pharrel , Kanye etc. I was into Coldplay, Linkin Park too. N.E.R.D were gawds to me. Then at some point decided to stop listening to shit like that (mostly the Hip-Hop stuff) for a while, got more into the shit I make now

Eventually your relationship with music evolved from listening to creating. What was it that triggered your desire to create music?

Nothing really significant. My brother had a friend who played a song he made of Fl Studio,  from that day I was “hooked” (hooked sounds so cliché but yeah). Just the idea of making the shit I “heard” in my mind  into something tangible. Took me awhile to get here.

Briefly tell us about your production setup. What hardware and software do you use to produce?

So I honestly don’t have a hectic set-up… I usually just use a pair of earphones and my laptop and FL Studio.  I use my Launchpad S for samples sometimes  and my Launch Control XL for effects. Gonna get more gear though.

Fill us in on your production style. How do you go about using the hardware and software to create music?

I use software more than anything. I barely use my midi controllers for producing, it’s mostly just for live shows. I just sit down and mess around until I make something  I like. Sometimes I have a clear idea of what I want to do. Also I usually finish my shit quickly 30 mins/ an hour or 2/ It could take months as well.

You released a your debut full-length Feels earlier this year. With full length releases declining (especially amongst electronic producers in the digital age) what were your reason for deciding to do so and how was the process of creating it?

Initially I wanted it to be an EP. But at the time I was waking making so many tracks that could  fit into “Feels” so I decided  to make it an LP. Also It was more of an experiment, to see if I could  do it. Well the process started while I was working on “Delusions” last year in September.  So from September till May/June, I worked on the LP. I took my time, was trying to understand where I was at emotionally I guess, because the whole idea behind the LP was to create  emotive music , music  that represents where I was at while I made it. Turned out amazing  and people like it so I’m happy. Also something is coming in December. Just letting yall know

Since you like to steer clear of describing your sound, what in your opinion is the perfect environment or set of circumstances for listening to Feels?

Honestly you can listen to it anywhere you want. I would  say the “ideal” conditions to listen to it (for me) would be during a thunderstorm. I don’t know why, but I always associate music with weather. There’s always certain stuff I only listen to when it rains or when it’s sunny and shit. Honestly wouldn’t know what the perfect environment would be; people who’ve listened to the LP need to tell me actually.

Feels was released with a digital booklet featuring art inspired by the music. How did that come about and whom did you work with?

Well when I released Delusions Ep last year, it also included a digital booklet. It had seven art pieces from six illustrators/graphic designers  (S/O to Drift Prism for making that possible ). I don’t know why, but I like the idea of my projects being accompanied by artwork the compliments the whole sound of the project. Just like the idea of it all, the audio visual  relationship. I worked with the homies, Balekane Legoabe, Kevin Radebe, and Seth Pimental.  They are all fucking amazing (S/O to Frnge) on the introductions. I really like art and shit, so I feel it’s dope having those two elements together.  I think it’s something I’ll be doing  from now on

You love pizza so much that it made it onto the Feels album artwork. Who makes the best pizza and what is the best pizza?

S/O to pizza Perfect for that pizza (on the cover of the LP). Hmmm Debonairs doesn’t even get to be on the list. The best pizza place that I’ve eaten from  would be either Pizza perfect or Romans. Domino’s is ayt. Wanna try out Pizza Hut though. The best pizza would be anything without pineapples or avo. I usually just prefer simple pepperoni. Willing to try new things though.

Producing or performing? Which do you prefer more and why?

I will always prefer producing, I love playing live sets and all, but it’s taxing. You’ll get tired,  especially if you have a lot of upcoming gigs. This year has been a dope year, I’ve been performing more (S/O to Yanos for always letting me crash at his place). Producing is something that’s been a habit for me since I started making music. It’s just something I’m used to do.  I’m getting more comfortable with performing though.

What have been your favourite release this year? Both local and international.

I have no idea  there’s been so many dope releases this year. But if I had to choose, I would say either “Epoch” by Tycho, “Indigo”  by River Tiber or “Couch Baby” by Jamie Isaac (for international artists), locally I would have to say Watermark High’s self – titled album,  and all the homies that are about to release in November  and December.  Really Keen to hear Thor Rixon’s album

What is your definition of success as an artist and what level of success are you hoping to achieve?

I feel like being successful as an artist only comes to you when you’re able to live off your art, and I mean actually live, not barely surviving, etc. I’m hoping to just live off something I love. I want all the homies to be successful  too.


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