Spandex and Galaxies far far away in BOXERS music video for ‘R2D2


Nothing Major alumni, BOXER release their latest music video for ‘R2-D2’

The new video for ‘R2-D2’ from Boxer has done its rounds on social media, getting a mass nod of attention. From running through the dark in “Six Feet Underman” to wrestling in the outskirts of Benoni, BOXER is definitely not your ordinary band, and they prove this so in the story for their latest music video

In a recent collaboration between local film and design experts Thomas James Revington, Fausto Becatti and Lenny-Dee Doucha, they created a high quality music video for R2-D2 off their latest album Animals.

From tights and cheerleaders to a lookalike Chewbacca and a dirty old cowboy riding a fucked-up-old-piece-of-shit-wagon;, the result is a visually exciting video, with casual Star Wars references dedicated to the truest of fans.

There are some great forms of comic relief within the narrative: the charismatic and mischievous astromech droid and C3PO with its pelvic thrust, the awkward shooting skills, the leopard print boxers and fur coat adorned by Justin, a golden tight identity worn by Jake, and to top it off – somehow Ari manage to crack Jake’s ribs whilst shooting the wrestling scene. If that isn’t commitment, what is? Oh, and Princess Leia plays a cheerleader exposing her space orbit privates to the audience, that’s a different take on the story.

The beauty in the narrative of the video is that it’s not supposed to make any sense. It has some laughable moments, a great tone, an entertaining element of fandom and a catchy tune to go along. They shot the video in a location that represents another planet, to link back to the Star Wars theme.

Boxer would like to invite everybody into their world for the viewing of the off-beat, beautifully shot music video for R2-D2:



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