Stream Dunn Kidda’s kwaito-influenced Blueberry Petrol EP


Dunn did it again

Cape Town based Dunn Kidda started producing grime music in his teens when he was based in North London. With three EPs under his belt, the producer has grown more and more experimental, not limiting himself to the title of grime music although heavily influenced by the dark and low bassline frequencies.

With Blueberry Petrol, Kidda fuses two geographically divergent sounds in Kwaito and Grime. While the two genres are sonically divergent, they both originated from a form of house music and the cultures surrounding the music both experientially rooted in urban locations.

Blueberry Petrol is Kidda’s most lush piece of work, yet filled sparkling synths complementing the low bass melodies. Artists such as Felix Laband have happily referenced the sounds of kwaito in their work and you can you hear strokes of kwaito all over Blueberry Petrol. Three tracks off the EP are in the slower tempo range between 96 and 98 bpm with catchy melodic loops and deep bass lines. Our favourite though has to be ‘144 West’ which sees more of his grime background take the stage.

Blueberry Petrol EP was released by Dunn Kidda’s recently launched independent label Cruel Section Records and is available for free download.


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