The Grape Escape with Vox Portent


What does Fanta taste like?

Late last year, The Fuss was approached by Fanta to take part in their #FantaTastesLike marketing campaign. Unsurprisingly, the campaign was centred on what Fanta tasted like. The question was put forward and anyone could respond using the hashtag #FantaTastesLike and stand a chance to win a day filled with fun from Fanta.

We were asked to create a video presenting our own interpretation of what Fanta tasted like and share the campaign with our audience. Being aware of our audience’s needs and preferences we wanted to create something that would be of interest to our audience whilst still keeping in mind the reason why we started The Fuss.

With a cue from this advert which took the campaign literally in creating a print ad which was printed on paper that tasted like Fanta, we wanted to know what Fanta sounded like.

We enlisted the expertise and creativity of Fuss favourite, Vox Portent, who created a song using samples created with Fanta. “My concept behind writing the track was based around summer, going on an adventure into the middle of the jungle and experiencing a celebration with a native tribe where everyone is involved in the performance of the song, surrounded by fresh tropical fruits. This also contributed to the name ‘The Grape Escape’, says Vox Portent of the concept behind the track.

“I definitely enjoyed recording the samples and hearing what potential they had, this gave me a lot of ideas to work with and where I wanted to go with the track. A few samples were a bit of challenge to bring out chord progressions as most of them were percussive, but this also gave the song a tribal element which was intended.” Vox adds.

Check the video out below and download the full track on our Soundcloud page.

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