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This week’s track of the week belongs to Chilled Vibes with, Leaves, off their I’m In EP released on the 29th of October 2013. The band is not very active on the live circuit having chosen to concentrate their efforts on recording material, “exploring how [their]music can be socially relevant and have meaning beyond just the scene that it exists in”.

The intrumental groove project is made up of Asher Gamedze, Fabio da Graca and Rob Scott whom are serial musicians, involved with or having ties to projects including Momentss, Rosemary Towns End, The Space Section and Fantasmagoria to name a few.

Being instrumental allows Chilled Vibes a certain amount of “freedom to explore ¬†musical concepts that are often difficult to incorporate in other band settings, particularly with vocals”. In Leaves, ¬†the second track off the EP, the band traverses the musical landscape, exploring three distinct grooves – the sum of which is greater than each individual segment. Eventually the track culminates in an afro-jazz groove, which, without the help of the precursory Explosions in the Sky-esque patterns, would not be as effective.

Here’s to hoping we can convince Chilled Vibes to flex their live performance facilities in Johannesburg for a Nothing Major. It would be handsome alongside an Eyes Like Mirrors reunion.


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