Track Of The Week – Bikini Weather (Hawkword Remix)


Hawkword Bikini Weather Cover


This weeks track of the week is the first remix featured in this column. The duo from Harkword chopped the vocals from Shortstraws summer anthem, Bikini Weather, and layered them over a sparkling production.

Over the past month Shortstraw have been releasing remixes of Bikini Weather by various producers on their Soundcloud. Hawkword’s rendition is one of the less awkward remixes and has achieved a considerable amount of success having been rated 97% on our favourite stations, 5FM (How does one display sarcasm online?) Rate The Remix contest. It was also playlisted on the national radio station shortly thereafter.

The best remixes are those which flip an original track, crossing the genre barrier and introducing those who appreciate the original version to a style of music they may have not been accustomed to.

It is really easy to destroy an original when attempting to create a derivative thereof, but Hawkword’s rinsing of the 2013 indie summer anthem breaks that mould. The remix preserves the summertime tones of the original to create an effervescent trip-hop interpretation littered with cosmic synth surges.

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