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This week’s featured track of the week belongs to Nothing Major alumni, The Goldilox ZoneBump In The Night is the title track off the group’s debut EP which was released on the 1st of June

The  Goldilox Zone Bump In The Night Album art

We were really excited at the prospects of The Goldilox Zone when we booked them for Nothing Major in May. The group has since  surpassed our expectations, playing tons of shows, releasing an exciting debut offering, adding ten thousand rands to their bank balance for second place in Klipdrift’s Battle Of The Bands, as well as getting endorsed by Yamaha. And, let’s not forget the bullshit stress of grade 11 to top it all off.

The EP was recorded over a four day period at Wired Sound Studios in Parktown North, and it represents a solid foundation upon which the group can build in the coming years. If you look past the flimsy artwork for the EP and pay attention to their preferred medium – music, you’ll notice a group of youngsters full of raw talent. Give them a year to sharpen their skill set and The Goldilox Zone will be competing in the upper echelons amongst the best local indie acts.

Bump In The Night, the third track on the EP, sticks out amongst the other tracks playing the part of anguished slow brewing ballad. Unlike the rest of the EP, Bump In The Night pulls back on the funk a bit, replacing it with tons of feel.  What immediately caught our attention when we first discovered The Goldilox Zone was the voice of lead vocalist, Jarred Wood, whose tone and delivery far exceeds his age. Musically, Bump In The Night represents the most stripped down, straightforward instrumental on the EP, with a simple four chord structure – allowing the emotion depicted on the track to take center stage.

Jarred reveals that he wrote Bump In The Night as some sort of cathartic exclamation which declares that he is not the naive Generation Z kid many think him to be. He says, “People think I’m so innocent. They don’t [honestly]know me, it’s actually quite funny”.

This speaks to a universal theme of perception versus reality. Sometimes what people think of us is far from the reality of our situations. As with ghosts, ghouls, grizzly bears, goblins and all things that go bump in the night, each one of us has a beast inside of us.

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