Veladraco launches new EP followed by a classic music video


On and on it goes, the 90’s still repeat itself

This was my first time listening to Veladraco, and my first reaction was Neck Deep, to my extent, this can be seen as a HUGE compliment. Veladraco’s music is more than just a style, it is a way of life, a contribution towards our music scene that these fellas seem to enjoy.

Veladraco is the brainchild of the two siblings Alian and Sean Marthezé. The band members are Alian Marthezé (vocals), Sean Marthezé (synths and production), Ricki Allemann (guitar and vocals), Gareth Allison (bass and vocals) and Nic Smal (drums). Veladraco has quietly been developing their own unique sound over the past few years as well as exploring new ones. The band launched in 2011 with the single ‘Animals’, a fully produced and mastered track accompanied by a professional music video shot around the hometown of the two brothers, taking full advantage of the natural beauty of Cape Town. It captures the unique and new sound of this fresh face of South African music.

Veladraco is the definition of fresh, they combine pop rock melodies balanced with synth soaked electronics, a mix that is artfully assembled into a subtle and sincere delivery, reminding me of the early 2000s emo punk made for a modern era.

When I first started watching their latest music video, I was a bit confused as to why a part of the opening scene is a piece from Grease, but as I continued to watch the video I could not help but smile. Their latest music video for ‘Town’ is a combination of all the classic movies from the 90’s. From dancing in the memorable Pulp Fiction to a scene out of Trainspotting, I found it very interesting with some of the scenes they chose and the reactions each character had seemed to fit well with the lyrics and the beat of the song.  

Their latest music video is fun and upbeat, as well as their songs which are uncommonly full of optimism, proof that they are simply here to enjoy the music they love.



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