Vox Portent – Measures


Listen to Vox Portent’s latest EP Measures

The most exciting and innovative field of creativity within music has undoubtedly been the field of electronic experimental music. One of it’s active contributors has been Steve Hogg who produces intelligent and atmospheric electronic music as Vox Portent.

Vox portent entered the fray last year independently releasing, Lucid, which he wrote, produced, mixed, and mastered himself. Measures sees the Graphic design student who has been producing music since the age of 16 evolve and express his influences in a manner which he feels is authentic. “I still felt that my earlier releases were too similar to my current influences. So i dug deep and started to explore more organic sounds, sounds that I generated from field recordings during my day to day adventures“.

The 6 track EP which runs just under 35 minutes was released on the 27th of February by Field Marshall Records. Naturally, Vox Portent wrote, produced, and mixed all the music. This time around he solicited the expertise at Benjamin Pro Audio to master the music.

My favourite track is the 8 minute “Static”. The track itself is everything but static; patiently layering lucid samples and building until around the 6 minute mark where it breaks with a lush and pulsating rhythm which sounds like Felix Laband-meets-Dorian Concept.

Stream the EP below and stand a chance of winning a Korg Monotron analogue synth from Field Marshal Records by supporting the release on Bandcamp.


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