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“Boutique Beats Buffet”

2013 saw the inaugural Churn Music Festival hosted by Broaden A New Sound, Park Acoustics and Andrew the DJ. The aim of the one day festival was to showcase “producers and DJs, exploring and pushing boundaries of electronic music in South Africa”. The team realised their vision by hosting the likes of Women Who Kill, Hawkword, Vox Portent, Dirty Paraffin and Felix Laband who in their own rights are pushing the envelope/challenging convention when it comes to electronic music in South Africa.

Having missed the inaugural event, my heart was filled with regret and self-loathing as 2014 came and went with absolutely no sign of another Churn festival. The regret dissolved as I rejoiced when Churn announced the rebirth of the festival for 2015. In hindsight, I realise that the universe deemed it necessary that the cosmos align in order to allow the rebirth of the festival to be orchestrated by suitable custodians. This rebirth of the festival sees Broaden A New Sound come full circle partnering with the likes of BeatNN, Hadedah and Field Marshall records to curate Churn.

YANO$$ who was billed at the inaugural Churn is now also behind the scenes in his role as a part of the BeatNN collective, which has been championing the beats scene in Johannesburg since 2011. Behr who was also on the bill at the inaugural event returns to the festival in an organisational capacity with his art collective Hadedah to bolster the artistic and experimental component of Churn. Finally, Andrew The DJ’s contribution is reincarnate in the form of Field Marshal Records who are bringing their roster of Veld, Escapism Refuge and Vox Portent to the bill. Full circle.

The Churn will see 28 hours of non-stop beat curation at the Tweefontein Melkery in Kempton Park. This year the festival will be headlined by the legendary Charles Webster from the UK and the eccentric LA-native Daedulus. On the local front, Churn was sure to traverse the South African landscape both geographically and sonically with a curation of diverse talent including Christian Tiger School, Card On Spokes, Rudeboyz, Big Space and Buli amongst others.

With a fitting panel of curators, the festival has concentrated its vision and embraced its niche to create a unique and necessary experience- which sees Churn Electronic Festival becoming a boutique beats festival.

“Expect the unexpected. Embrace your discomfort zone”. It’s a date with the night.

 “Join the brains behind Kitchener’s along with Braam Wednesday favourites BeatNN and experimental events curators Hadedah for 29 hours of non-stop gob-smacking crispy-fresh electronic music.

The music comes first and we’ve unhinged our jaws to spit a jammy-packed line-up of our favourite cutting-edge live electronic acts and fresh selectors.

Don’t stop the deity dance. Embrace your discomfort zone. Churn your hips. Spread the butter.”

Churn Boutique Electronic Festival

5 – 6 September 2015

Tweefontein Melkery, Kempton Park

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We’re giving away one double ticket to the Churn. All you have to do in order to stand a chance to win is tell us who the curators of the festival are.

Comment below, on our Facebook page or Tweet us your answer including the hashtag #Churn2015. Increase your chances of winning by using every channel.

Competition closes and winner selected and notified on Friday the 5th of September.


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