A Letter From Froth


Dear South Africa,

I’ve heard a lot about South Africa and specifically Cape Town. I know that it’s on the southern most tip of the continent and can be abbreviated at ZAF. I’ve heard that even though our winter is your summer, that the ocean water will be cold, I hope that doesn’t stop me from going in, because I would like to say that I was in the ocean at the southernmost tip of the African continent. I think some of Allah Las said that they were taken surfing. I’ve also heard that we won’t be very close to the world famous Jeffrey’s Bay, but that’s not too bad because I’m not great at surfing anyways and would be a little scared to try to surf there.

Between the two bands I know that have played gigs from Psych Night, (Night Beats and Allah Las) it is really not like a regular gig or festival. It’s better. The people are really warm and hungry for new music and the location is second to none. I’ve got to say this is the show I have anticipated the most in my life and it’s a pretty good conversation point:

“Hey man, how’s yr band”

“Oh it’s actually pretty good,

we’re going to ZAF next month”

Write back soon,



Catch the L.A-based shoegaze psychedelic rock band at Endless Daze this weekend.


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