Get a taste of Endless Daze acts in a more intimate manner


Jameson INDIE Channel presents stripped down sets at Hank’s Olde Irish for the month of October.

For the month of October, more specifically, every Wednesday of the month, the folks at Endless Daze Festival have partnered up with The Jameson INDIE Channel to bring you a unique experience of entertainment as a lead-up to the adventure in the great outdoors this November.

This subtle warm-up will give us the gentle and amassed overtones through a selection of artists playing as the warm nights falls upon us. There will be no line-up announced, so expect to come with an element of surprise. You can expect cosy live music, eclectic sounds, great whiskey and an immersive experience, steeped in quality and enjoyment.

The formula is simple: there will be two acts per evening, selected from the festival lineup, who will be playing a much more stripped down version of their tracks. The slots are short, about 25 mins or so, with a DJ reserving the empty spaces with some tracks influenced by the narrative, these sessions will act as a prelude to their home admin, an after work drink or a family or friend catch-up. Age is no limit – the idea is to bring our generation to our parents and allow them to see the progression, as well as nostalgia the music scene has undertaken. The schedule also doesn’t run beyond 10pm, so people can grab dinner, watch some music and be home at reasonable time (if they want to).

A big thanks goes to the hosts Hank’s Olde Irish, for providing a great venue. And of course Jameson INDIE Channel for getting behind this.

Bring your friends and family – spread the word.

#EndlessDaze2016 is proudly partnered with Vans South Africa.



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