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AKA: Amstel Karaoke Amplified

Two weeks back The Fuss was invited to the launch of Amstel Lites #AmstelAmplified campaign. All information was kept hush and I knew was that I was to be at The Hard Rock Café on Wednesday the second of March.

Knowing of the Hard Rock Cafes worldwide status and having seen the online hype for it’s return to South Africa; I jumped at the opportunity to have my first Hard Rock Café experience regardless of the fact that I’d have to be up at 5 AM for work the following morning.

After going through the underground parking maze I shuffled my way up to the Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton City. A suiting location for the iconic brand. I arrived at the Hard Rock Café entrance and after a few steps inside I noticed that it was just like I had seen in the movies.

Amstel had kitted the venue out and I walked down a red carpet and was met with a bouncer all in black who requested my name. I made my way through a museum of music memorabilia into an area cordoned off for the #AmstelAmplified launch.

I was somewhat underwhelmed and surprised as the launch was a Karaoke evening. However, I was there to make the most of my evening and it was fortunate that I quite enjoy Karaoke. Watching some guy do an amusing rendition of Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time” my mind was pacing mustering the courage to sign myself and considering what song I would perform.

With my mind racing the next performer came onto stage and I was surprised to hear the intro of AKA’s “All Eyes On Me”. I always wished for more local choices at every previous occasion I took part in Karaoke. I was having as much as the guy on stage muttering the lyrics to the 2014 summer hit.

I had seen AKA perform once before and I’m pretty sure that neither myself, nor the guy on stage were living up to AKA’s high performance standards. A few bars into the first verse the curtains behind the stage lifted and there was AKA with his band and DJ performing alongside one of his fans. In that moment, ‘Amplified’ made perfect sense. Like the confetti that revealed AKA a normal night out had exploded into a quality experience.

The Amstel Lite #AmstelAmplified campaign will see them amplifying the good times over the next few months with stops at POP Bottles and the Cape Town International Jazz Festival. The campaign will culminate in a competition where they’ll be giving away gold plated Beats by Dre headphones. Check out the video from the Karaoke night below and be sure to visit the Amstel website for more info on their events and the giveaway.

Amstel Amplified


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