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The problem with the internet is that it can sometimes feel like lorem ipsum filler text, filled with content which provides no real substance or value – a wormhole of cats and candycrush. But who the hell are we to make such statements? Everyone knows that you’re not officially a blog in South Africa until your blog has had a DJ set.

Lorem Ipsum Event Promo

That being said; it is with delight, satire, a touch of self-contradiction, and shameless self-promotion that we announce The Fuss’ debut DJ performance.

With it’s finger on the pulse of the nightlife needs of Johannesburgs 20-something crowd, 9Lives, is back with another novel experience – Lorem Ipsum.

It’s the battle of the blogs… but not really, it’s more like South Africa’s best bloggers making sweet love on the dance floor!

Your trusted advisors in current news, funny shit, stupid shit, and everything you find rad! It’s about time we got to know the people behind the screen, and what better way to understand these virtual figures then to take a dive into their musical flavour, because you are what you listen to at the end of the day.

The first installment of Lorem Ipsum see’s these rads kids on the decks sharing their favourite tunes!”

Catch The Fuss alongside Starved, Mixed Apples, Bangers & Nash,  and The Beard this Thursday at Great Dane.

It’s A Date With The Night.



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