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Watch Go Barefoot’s music video for “Won’t Back Down”

Joburg darlings Go Barefoot have had a stellar year fuelled by the release of their debut EP Routes in February. It’s not often that one gets to describe a local indie band as unique but Go Barefoot has managed to carve a space within indie they can call their own. You’d be hard pressed to reference their sound and style to any other bands as Go Barefoot takes its influence from the smorgasbord of culture that is Johannesburg – interpreting it with an indie disposition.

Following the release of the Routes EP the band toured moderately taking their music everywhere including gardens in the northern suburbs, forts in Pretoria, pubs in Durban, and pavements on the streets of Cape Town. Go Barefoot’s hustle eventually culminated in a billing at Oppikoppi for their debut performance at the dusty grail of local music.

Some expected the first music video off the Routes EP to be “Johannesburg” featuring visuals of our city with at least one scene involving barefoot dancing. But Go Barefoot are never ones to shy away from the route less travelled choosing to film and release a video for “I Won’t Back Down” filmed and conceived by Thomas Revington of Shortstraw.

In the vain of Thor Rixon’s music video for “fuk bread” – and more recently Shortstraws video for “OMG” – the video for “I Won’t Back Down” is shot in one take. The video opens with the band driving a vintage Morris Minor on an open road which then breaks down. The narrative which transpires is linked closely to the meaning of “I Won’t Back Down” and the jovial feel good vibe of Go Barefoot. The camera bobs and weaves around and through the car as we follow Go Barefoot as they proceed to make the most of the situation – breaking out in an impromptu jam and skate session whilst pushing the car.

The music ends with one last chant of ‘I Won’t Back Down‘ from the band as they get back in the car, turn the ignition and drive off into the distance. “[The] car breaks down and [we]say screw the bad times and rather have a jam to keep hopes up and not back down from a shitty situation,” says Go Barefoot of the music video.

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