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Ahead of Capital Craft Beer Festival we interview singer/songwriter, Adelle Nqeto, to chat about Flint, meet Spark, her solo career, the likelihood of an EP, and what can be expected of her performance at the event.

Adelle Nqeto

Image by Susan van Tonder

How long have you been writing music and what was the initial push towards you picking up the guitar?

I think I wrote my first song when I was thirteen. That was a lifetime ago. I’ve been journaling and writing stories and poems for as long as I can remember, and at 12, I started to play the violin. I got frustrated because it just wasn’t working for me. I couldn’t fit my stories and poems into anything I was doing on the violin – which was not much to be honest. So I quit that and then I found the guitar. I went for lessons, and then figured out I could write and sing and make up songs.

Prior to your solo act, you were a part of the Flint, meet Spark duo. Whatever happened to Flint, meet Spark?

Good question. We’re actually releasing an EP that has taken much longer than anticipated to complete. That should be out within the next few months.

How long have you been performing as a solo act and what have been some of the differences you’ve noticed now that you’ve gone solo?

I think I’ve officially been doing this solo thing for about a year now. There are a lot of differences, and that’s a lengthy conversation, so I’ll just leave a few. Decision making is just up to me, so there’s freedom in that sense. Sometimes I go to gigs alone, so I’m definitely meeting a whole lot more people, because I have to be open. I’m much more independent, because I don’t have a wingman. Also, I need to inspire myself a whole lot more, because I don’t have a person to bounce creativity off – if that makes sense. All of these things are trade-offs, and there’s been just as much good and bad as there is being in a band or duo for me.

adelle nqeto

Image by Susan van Tonder

You’ve recently started performing live with the support of a full band. How has the introduction of a band evolved your live performance and does the band influence your songwriting?

Yes, we’re called The Bank. They’re such great guys. We’re a new thing, only a few months old. I’m not sure how it’s going to influence my songwriting just yet. I’m so excited to find out though. Four brains is better than one, so I think creatively it could be beautiful. The band has influenced the songs I’d already written that we’re now performing together for sure. Everyone brings their own flavour to the songs. It’s a vulnerable thing, but it’s been really good so far. In terms of the live performance, I think I’m definitely much more comfortable and confident knowing I have those guys with me. I think it comes out in our live performances.

Most singer/songwriters write based on personal experience. Could the same be said of you, and if so, what personal experience is “Sailor’s Draw” based on?

Definitely. I wrote “Sailor’s Draw” at the end of a really tough time, and a lot of things had changed for me (I’m a bit slow when it comes to change).  “Sailors Draw” is my attempt at coming to terms with endings, beginnings, and sort of getting my bearings and bracing myself to start again. Something like that.

Thus far, you’ve only released “Sailor’s Draw” and a couple of live tracks online. Are there any plans to release an EP or album? When can we expect this?

Sailor’s Draw” didn’t even feel like much of a release. I sort of just quietly popped it onto my Soundcloud. I guess I was testing the waters. There are definitely plans to release an EP and I’m on that mission currently. Hopefully by August people should have a little something from me.

What can the audience expect at your Capital Craft Beer Festival performance? Will you be performing any new material?

Yes. I’ve been working on a new song that will definitely show up at the festival. I also really like to try interesting covers, so I’m working on one at the moment as well.

Which of the acts on the Capital Craft Beer Festival line-up are you excited to see?

Oh gosh, tough question. I haven’t seen AKING live in forever, so I’m keen for that. Also, as always, BCUC and Tidal Waves will be great.

Fokofpolisiekar have a beer called Fokof Lager. If you were to release a beer, what would you call it?

That is the funniest thought. Maybe my beer would be one of those fruity ones. Something mellow. De-Lager? I’m kidding. That beer would NOT sell.



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