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Jarred Wood, lead vocalist of Goldilox, was diagnosed with brain cancer last year. With great support from family and friends, Wood has fully recovered and Goldilox is making music again with a new name, an additional member, and a fresh outlook on life. We had a chat with Zaki Mamdoo (Rhythm Guitar) and Jarred Wood to discuss the new Goldilox.


What was the driving factor behind the decision to shorten the name of the band to Goldilox?

Zaki Mamdoo (ZM): We wanted to stick with the concept of a Goldilox Zone (defines the region where a planet might be able to retain liquid water on its surface. Any closer to the star and water would vaporize away; any farther, and it would freeze to ice. But water in its liquid state is a prerequisite for life) but felt that one word names slide off the tongue slightly better and seem to be easier to remember.

Maybe it’s just the ‘Zone’ part.

Beyond a band, you guys have been friends since high school. How did Jarred’s diagnosis affect you and what was it like going through his surgery and recovery?

 Jarred Wood (JW): Although no plans had been made around and after my diagnosis, I over analysed almost every outcome of the future to be for what was ’The Goldilox Zone’ at the time. My main concern about surgery was whether my musical abilities would prevail. I worried intensely about the mental and emotional states of all the members and friends.

ZM: I think Jayy’s surgery hit home quite hard for all of us. Hearing about the diagnosis & extent of the surgery was like asking and being asked a million questions all at once whilst a million wrong answers are thrown back at you all at the same time. Although the recovery seemed slow at first, once the good signs grew more consistent; it started to sound more & more like a story of legend.

There was a lot of support from fans, friends and family during this period and Union J from London also sent a message of support. What was it like knowing that there was so much support for Jarred’s recovery?

JW: A fundamental part in the healing process is undoubtedly mind set. In this case, all the support definitely motivated me to try reach the physical peak that I was once able to reach. It’s a good feeling to know people care and want to understand, regardless of how difficult that may be.

ZM: The support was really quite incredible. It came in all forms & was extended from person to person. Beyond showing love to Jayy I think it seemed to inspire a bit more humanity in everyone around us too. Can’t go wrong with that.

How has the experience changed your outlook? Would you also say it has had an effect on the music you create and its message?

JW: As singer/songwriter, the change in musical depth has differed greatly especially in terms of lyrics and meaning. Comparing life one year ago to life currently is inexplicable. However, finding topics to talk about is much easier and my attitude towards tolerance and forwardness has changed dramatically. This could be evident to fans.

The evolution of Goldilox has also seen the addition of a new member to your band. Who is the latest member and what role does he play?

ZM: Simon Wolfson is our absolute beaut of a new member. It’s really great to have him on board, he adds a very jazzy element by bringing Keys & Saxophone into our sound. It definitely contributes to the diversity of Goldilox; like that of an actual Goldilox Zone. We can’t wait to show him off.

When we featured “Gravity” on The Fuss List last year, we touted Goldilox as one of the bands to watch this year. Can you tell us a bit about the material you’re working on? Where and with whom are you recording? When can we expect you to release it? Do you have a name for the EP/Album yet?

ZM: Well we’re currently recording by our own devices using Ciaran’s (very professional looking) home studio setup. We decided to get a change of software and start fresh so we plan on releasing a new single featuring Simon within the next two months and the EP will follow shortly afterward. We haven’t decided on a name for the EP yet, but the single will be called Burn. We’ll have to let you know haha.

The first time we experienced Goldilox live was at our Nothing Major event. Where and when can we expect your return to performing live?


ZM: We’ve got a line-up of shows around Joburg in June and July; kicking off with a show at the Bohemian featuring Boxer & Indigo Reign on the 11th of June.There’s  Youth Fest at Rumours on the 16th & we’ll also be hosting Garden Shmarden 3.0 soon. Remember that one, there’s nothing better than a Garden Shmarden. We hope to explore South Africa & play a bunch of festivals toward the end of the year.



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