“Stay Calm”, Miagii has arrived


Miagii debut with “Stay Calm” and accompanying visuals

Miagii is Marc de la Querra (Fire Through The Window) on vocals, Gerard Becker (IAM) on lead guitar, Josh Roscoe (Ts and Cs) on drums and Hanro Havenga on Bass.

New to the Joburg music scene, Miagii enter with a music video for “Stay Calm”Released by Mysterious Records and produced by David Grevler of Antimotion Studios, “Stay Calm” is the lead single off the bands debut EP scheduled for release closer to the end of the year.

You know that exciting phase when you just start seeing someone and you’re trying to play it cool, still pretty nervous and not entirely sure where to stand, but you’re still going to roll with it anyway? That’s what this song reminds me of. A girl telling the guy to stay calm, because they can work it all out if they allow it to happen. We’ve all experienced young love.

The video plays to introduce the band giving a glimpse into their personality and their overall vibe. It’s the opening scene of the Miagii film, establishing who Miagii are with a performance by the band in their drummers office. The video was shot by Cari Pohl and the multi-skilled Hanro Havenga who has established himself as a renowned photographer. The black and white video was accented with animations by Ben Rausch of Cool Your Jets.

Miagii take the growing trend of grunge, surf and punk influenced music; packaging it in a way which makes them unique.



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