Rosie Parade and the power of a smile


It’s the silences between sounds

That allow us to find the beauty in rhythm

And beauty is power

 And a smile is its sword” – Rosie Parade

The Fuss was invited by Dentyne to take part in their #DentyneSmile campaign. In light of the launch of their new packaging, the brand wants to shine light on the power of a smile.

With our keen interest and commitment to the talent within our local music industry it was most natural that we uncover someone within the industry.

Rosie Parade is the assumed DJ alias of Colleen Balchin. Even when she is not DJing, Colleen continues her relationship with music by helping to build thriving scenes of amalgamations of sound in her role at Broaden A New Sound. Alongside Ri Bot, she has built a brand that has seen them hosting some of the most legendary parties in South Africa with a focus on championing the underground and niche sounds.

DJing is a natural extension of her values and beliefs when it comes to music discovery and consumption. It is a vehicle for her to allow others to reimagine themselves and experience the same pleasure she feels when experiencing great music.

“When someone loses themselves in a beat and it’s all about that person for a moment, that’s really pure.” Balchin says.

“A DJ gets the pleasure of picking and choosing their favourite artworks and bringing those together into a whole new feeling.” She adds.

We spent an evening with Balchin at the launch of her latest event at Kitcheners in Braamfontein. She launched the event with the aim of “creating a regular platform for femme DJs and artists to practice, incubate, exchange and expose”. The event also serves to provide a safe space for the amplification of feminine energy on the dance floor.

We documented the evening to give you a glimpse into her life, capturing the beauty in rhythm and it’s power to create a smile.

Dentyne recently hosted the #DentyneSmile competition across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They are encouraged women to post their confident and radiant smiles for a chance to win a career and life boosting prize which includes a personal video advertising campaign and an opportunity to attend a one-on-one mentorship lunch with celeb mogul, Minnie Dlamini. Follow Dentyne on Facebook and Twitter to find out more about the competition and how you can vote for their top 10 entrants.



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