Late Night Fox release self-titled EP


Recalling 90’s house music and Afrobeat garage-kwaito  

Late Night Fox’s album is a rotation of circulating motions of varied melodies. With Dani’s ghostly and effortless vocals, their self-titled EP creates a mysterious atmosphere with a vibration that travels through the air; it is gritty, laden with beats and laced with extended riffs on the pitfalls of blues.

Singing about the greats, “Hugh Masekela” is notably one of South Africa’s giant jazz icons, so to even step in tribute of this icon and genre and acquaint it with their own is a high expectation they have given their listeners.  With reference to an outlandish bass-driven loop, this classic poem is meant to be sung, and its audible narrative, meant to be heard. This album is an astounding collection of their style and how different genres are paying tribute to living legends such as Miriam Makeba and Black Coffee, announcing the recognition and their role in the development  of cultural phenomenon.

Their latest EP is unpredictable and experimental, with the opening track “Like a child” dealing with varied sounds, which orchestrates their influences together on one track. It makes reference to childhood memories, the indispensable quality of life and playing outside; where life seemed more innocent. However it is contradicting, especially when you think of being a child in today’s world, where you are exposed to such a rapid pace of technology that you tend to lose that organic reaction.

None of their songs have the same atmosphere, but with “Move Your Arms”, it expresses the band’s indefatigable desire to experiment, developing a satisfying sound to my ears that can be picked up throughout the whole EP.

Late Night Fox produce their own original material, crossing-over into their own sound which is innovative and genre-defying local music linking back to a cultural phenomenon.



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