Listen to The Tazers audacious Love Machine EP


Third Time Lucky

The Tazers came onto our radar in 2015 with the release of their debut EP; Dream Machine. A year later, the machine persisted with the band following the debut with the release of the Time Machine EP. When discussing the pattern, they told us they were “building a love machine for everyone to indulge in.”

Fast forward another year and the duology has become a trilogy with the release of The Tazers third EP titled, Love Machine. Strangely so, the band told us about a love machine when discussing Time Machine. Time travel.

Love Machine was released digitally on the 27th of February to great anticipation. The expectation was largely on the back of, ‘Shake It’, which was the first single off the EP. The single, which premiered on 10and5, was featured in the Top 20 of The Fuss List as the best work we’ve heard from The Tazers. A departure from their psychedelic rock and roll roots, the rhythmic track is a wildly catchy song driven by a blues groove which suggested the EP would be their sexiest project to date.

Love Machine is a definite departure for The Tazers, but the band is bringing psych along for the journey into new territories. The project informs of a new approach to songwriting that seeks to continue inviting the very movement their live dynamic delivers. Listen to Love Machine by The Tazers below:



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