Music Video | Boxer – Six Feet Underman


Nothing Major alumni, BOXER, release their debut music video for, Six Feet Underman.

Released on Tuesday the 14th of October, Boxer’s new video is eerie, dark, and a little bit gory. Ari, their vocalist but also star of the video, stumbles haphazardly in a gloomy park, in what seems to be a drunken stupor. There is a thin line between reality and the hallucinatory nightmare Ari seems to be experiencing, and in fact the creators of the video blur the line between the two almost completely.

Boxer wanted to “present a certain emotion in the subject through visual stimulus.” In this case the emotion they wanted to represent was depression, and were able to embody it through a demonic form.

Ari is the star of the show because according to their release statement: “Tyler and Justin are really crappy actors, like uber crappy, kinda like Jackie Chan. So we just got Ari to do everything, plus it would be next to impossible to top those boyish good looks of his.” And the band is really pleased with the response of the video thus far, especially because “ friends and other bands are sharing and supporting [them]which is always an uplifting thing.”

If you’re left wanting more, get excited because they’re in the process of filming more!

Six Feet Underman was shot and edited by Josh Warby and Jason van Rensburg.

Read our interview with BOXER here.


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