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In anticipation for the next instalment of Nothing Major we roped in the lads from BOXER for an interview discussing the rearing of dogs, the brief history of BOXER, as well as their debut EP, 6 Feet Under Man, which is due for release soon.


The Fuss – Introduce us to each of your members and let us in on what you all do when you’re not rearing the BOXER?

BOXER – Hi there. First off there is no tangible evidence that we have ever actually reared a BOXER. We are a 4 piece Joburg based band consisting of; Our drummer Justin Gent, our guitarist Patlov, our bassist Tyler Sanderson and our vocalist Ari Brest.  Justin currently plays for Dead Alphabet when he is not drumming for BOXER. Justin likes to read fantasy  novels, take his dog for walks to the park, and bake red velvet cupcakes. By day Patlov is a full time dreamer. Tyler likes to spend his time laughing at his feet and aside from partaking as chorister in the Linksfield Shul Choir, Ari is currently doing his masters in Quantum Mechanics.

The Fuss – The Boxer is a breed of stocky, medium sized dog which is renowned for its faithfulness to its master – Bright and friendly of temperament at play, but brave and determined when aroused. What is the significance of the name Boxer? Is there a play on words here?

BOXER – Umm… Yeah?


The Fuss – What were some of the other options you had when deciding what to call this project?

BOXER – BOXER was the first name all 4 of us agreed on after much debate. Other band names that came up were – The Saboteurs, The Shape, Gary & the jizzlads, Us & the Fuss and Soft Porn Kings.

The Fuss – Were any of you involved in any other musical projects prior to starting Boxer and what was the reasoning or the initial push which resulted in what is now Boxer?

BOXER – BOXER is a collaboration of the drummer from Dead Alphabet, the bassist and guitarist of COLUMBUS and the singer from the Linksfield Shul Boys Choir. After COLUMBUS broke up due to band members moving overseas, Jake and Tyler sought out two more to begin a new musical project. They found Justin from Dead Alphabet and met Ari at the old Bohemian after Tyler attempted coitus with him. Tyler felt what strong vocal chords Ari had; we then knew we had found our vocalist.

The Fuss – Rock & Roll is a genre which in recent years has regained notoriety due to bands like Band of Skulls, the Black Keys and even Shadowclub from a local perspective. How is Boxer approaching the style differently? Elaborate on your brand of Box & Roll?

BOXER – We’re attempting to create a modern indie sound that people can move their feet to, whilst maintaining a traditional dirty Rock and Roll vibe. Each member brings their own influences to the table. Together, the blend of our backgrounds creates the sound that goes by BOX & ROLL.

The Fuss – Who are some of the artists, both internationally and locally, who influence your sound?

BOXER – Internationally our blend of influences would include; The Foals, Tame Impala, Queens of the Stone Age, Jimmy Herring, Cage the Elephant, FIDLAR, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pond, Muse, Drake, Tool and anything with Zack De La Rocha. Locally we really love; Shortstraw, The Moths, Gangsterdam, Go Barefoot, Shadowclub, BEAST and Taxi Violence.

The Fuss – We understand that you are in the final stages of producing your debut EP. What is the EP called and tell us a bit about the production, recording and the creative process behind the EP. What can the listeners expect from it and when is it due for release?

BOXER – Our 6 track debut EP, 6 Feet Under Man, is in its final stages of being mastered and should be released within the next 2 months, along with an EPK and a music video. We recorded at High Seas Studios and the recording process, including mixing, took roughly 2 weeks. Our songs were slowly written and adapted over several months. By the time we got to studio we had a strong, well structured set to record. We simply left the rest to Jacques and Mark of High Seas Studios. Each band member brings their own unique style and influence to the writing process and each track goes through a complete transformation once we are done with it.


The Fuss – Some people believe there is a lack of venues in Joburg. Do you guys agree with this and what aresome of your favourite venues both as musicians and fans?

BOXER – There is always a lack of venues, but this gives rise to many opportunities to find more creative venues, hence more events to compel the scene. As a band we love playing at the Bohemian, it has been alive for a long period of time and consistently gives a great party. You also can never go wrong going through to Braamfontein and Town; the bands, DJ’s, people and atmosphere is always a win.

The Fuss – Tell us what the fans can expect from you at Nothing Major? What kind of vibes do you hope to thrust upon your audience during your live performances?

BOXER – Our fan i.e. Ray, can expect a filthy rock and roll performance in which 4 buddies play what they want to play.

The Fuss – In conclusion, what would you like to achieve with this venture and what is in store for BOXER during 2014?

BOXER – We aim to collaborate with the tight music community in Joburg, to reinforce the indie/ rock & roll scene. With the ultimate goal being playing music and enjoying it. 2014 will see the launch of BOXERs debut album 6 Feet Under Man, as well as a couple of music videos, an EPK, hopefully a few festivals, and some awesome fucken parties.

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