Original Swimming Party release bewitching “Life In The Colony”


The first single from their forthcoming album, Hypergiant

It’s almost reaching mid year and we have amassed some of the greats in our audio orbit. We no longer exist on the serum of platitude; we go to the depths of greatness – reeling in imagination from Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool and James Blakes’ On the Colour In Anything. However, we cannot forget our own – our native, and our nuanced. Their ingenuity is amidst the greats and they constantly keep the tempo saturated and the inhalation smitten with emotion. They, being Original Swimming Party (OSP) – have just released a new track that possesses our senses with their craft.

“Life in the Colony” is slow in its first moments and swift in its next. It, like many of their newer material, which can be heard at their live shows, is transcending contemporary electronica into a new age of emotional dance music. Drawing influence from an African tradition of rhythms and harmony merged with elements of leftfield electronica, OSP create a unique sound that is emotionally powerful and rhythmically captivating.

The track is effortless and meaningful; supplementing the bold for intricate and the loud for intimate. It is raw, and at the same time refined. It is the start of new things to come. Welcome back to the internet boys. We’ve missed you.




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