Petite Noir – La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful


Watch Petite Noir’s music video “La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful”

In a virtual, and often fragmented reality, Petite Noir, and alternate versions of his other star in the music video for “La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful”. Poetic and foremost, liquid in its resolve, here we see different versions of Petite Noir meet and embrace him in different forms of virtual presence.

The song, which echoes the videos sentiment, feels as if he is meeting himself, with an irregular pace of stillness surrounding him. Starting off in what feels like a digitally designed dessert, where the blue hues match the camel ones, the vulnerability crosses from one absent picture to a very full busy monochromatic one, as it quickly changes to patterns of artificial diagnosis to golden identities.

As it swiftly changes from one scene to another, you get to meet the eccentricities of his character in a virtual performance played out in front of backgrounds so vivid and ever changing, they familiarise the viewer with hallucinatory effects. The realness of his human body versus the backdrops of spiralling holograms, chasing foetal positions and print on print shots portray the very essence of self, as it morphs from one version into the next, one emotional condition into another.

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