Quit Safari supports major London producer Rival Consoles


Music collective ready to take on new cities with debut tour

I think the majority of the people I meet take themselves too seriously. Their career and clothing define them. Their online persona’s intent is to make them internet famous, and the music they make, well it succeeds purely because it’s recycled to mimic a predecessor they fall hard for when they were a ‘lightie.’

This is not the case with artist collective Quit Safari. They rarely take themselves seriously. They mock the idiosyncrasies and sub-par expectations the internet has on them and they don’t modelize sound, but rather invent it. Having fun while sharing their music, the record label is run by the musicians it releases.

What began as a podcast quickly shifted into a portal for them to release music under. The label is driven by a DIY attitude. The artists mix and master their own music,  shoot their own music videos and design their own artwork – 100% self reliant. Quit Safari have created a home to grow as artists and push to create music that is distinctly their own. They represent the new wave of experimental live producers coming out of Cape Town.

Using a formula joining creativity and humility, the Quit Safari team, comprised of Christian Tiger School, Damascvs, Fever Trails, Hessien +, Yes in French and Selphir have discovered how to redefine compositions, while making stories out of them.

Surfacing their physical presence as standalone acts and together via the internet, Quit Safari is ready to embark on their debut tour as a collective between the end of February and beginning of March. Starting off at the grimey flashdance LB’s in Long Street, Cape Town, locals will see a scattered assortment of personas/producers make their way to the DJ booth to spread their sound to all those who get it.

And not to make this all about Quit Safari, even though it’s a huge asset in itself, the tour is set to headline a major heavyweight producer all the way from London. Rival Consoles will dominate the atmosphere as he tours to the major cities in South Africa. His electronica can be best transcribed as making synthesisers sound human and atmospheric, and has achieved this in spaces such as the Tate, Boiler Room and the blueprint for West’s current live A/V show.

The tour is produced by Black Major and made possible with the support of British Council’s program Connect ZA.

And just in time for their first show this weekend, Quit Safari have released a new podcast featuring tunes that will prepare you for the live sets.

Catch them at your local club and pub on these dates:

rival consoles

27th Feb   – Cape Town  – @ SWIM – Lb’s Long street.

2nd March – Grahamstown – 37 on New

4th March – Durban – The Winston Pub

5th March – Johannesburg – Kitcheners w/ Hadedah

6th March – Johannesburg – @Well Spent Sunday w/ Hadedah – Stanley Beer Yard

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