Singer-songwriter-guitarist Rowan Stuart releases music video for ‘Silver Balloon’


 ‘Silver Balloon’ captivates an acoustic dream

Recalling Sting’s imaginative storytelling, Death Cab for Cutie’s sense of space and beauty and John Mayer’s tight grooves, Rowan Stuart uses his talent on the guitar as a form of foundation for his creativity.

Underlining upbeat music and captivating a form of universal appeal, Rowan’s music is a form of art on its own, ordering sounds in succession and a combination of temporal relationships, producing a composition of unity and continuity. His sound has rhythm, melody and harmony that ushers a euphony of sound.

His latest single ‘Silver Balloon’ deals with Rowan’s earlier acoustic focus and that deals with his signature lyrical content – storytelling at its best. The visuals of the music video tells the story of what seems to be a loved one, dreamy and spaced out chanting lyrics that allow the story to evolve in letting go of the Silver Balloon.

‘Silver Balloon’ is at once recognised as different, fresh and a new direction for the young guitar maestro. The music video was produced by Shotgun Fakes – the husband and wife duo Stef and Pam Myburgh, previously known as The Arrows.

Rowan Stuart recently got signed to a Los Angeles management company, and with his tasteful, yet uplifting pop songs he will hit the sweet spots in no time.

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