Ruby Gill releases ‘Fault’ and ‘Missing In Japan’


“I have got something to say, and you can’t take that away”

You can be in a relationship for two years and feel nothing or you can be in a relationship for two months and feel everything. We have all gone through emotional break-ups and the heartbreaking experience when you let someone go that you feel is everything. As we grow older, we tend to live within our own comfort zones; we apologize for things that aren’t always our fault just to please other people’s needs.

Ruby Gill’s latest single ‘Fault’ captures the rhythmic expansions of synths and detailed percussions that provide psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions.  ‘Fault’ fills the room with self realization and the heartfelt understanding of the fullness and darkness of relationships. Hints towards a feminist stand, she believes all young women need to take, these idiosyncrasies are specifically important in the context of today’s society.

Ruby Gill started learning how to play the piano at the age of five and did not receive any other formal music training. Her music introduces a new generation to the young folks of today; who feel things deeply and are not afraid of darkness or heartbreak.

With acoustic guitars, poetic lyrics and soft quiet music, Ruby Gill is a multi-talented artist. She has the ability to capture power and emotional moments that live on forever within her music. Experimenting with new sounds, techniques and exploring textures, as well as instruments; every pure note and poetic lyric accompanies an appreciation for the infinity of art and sound.

‘Missing in Japan’ is the stripped, skeletal answer to ;Fault’, an exploration of the catastrophic tsunami in Japan (2011) in music, and the relative tsunami of a breakup (2015) in lyrics. The flowing, complex piano provides the undercurrent to an expertly woven story of longing and loss, and how to take back control when everything around you comes crashing down. Harmonies and silvery synths ebb and flow around the song’s core.

As we grow older we should take life as it comes, express our feelings and be unafraid of heartbreak. The most beautiful way you get to know yourself is by experiencing what life has to offer and expressing everything you possibly can, even if it is through music. Ruby Gill’s music will be the soundtrack to our generation’s attempt at adulating with all the lightness and heaviness of human folly.




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