Watch Raygun Royale’s loaded video for ‘Junkies Know Best’


Lose yourself to the rhythm that Raygun Royale has to offer

Raygun Royale has been around since 2014, making a name for themselves as the time passes, playing shows and sharing a stage with well-known acts. Even when they were screaming to their previous songs ‘Lungs’ and ‘Knife Fights On Rollerskates’, you could notice that they were committed to forward their motion with a classic rock ‘n roll act at the punk heart of Raygun Royale.

Joshua Rogers’ vocals blend in smoothly with the rhythm, instruments and the attitude of their latest song ‘Junkies Know Best’.  The video tells the story of three individual addicts on a night out. Each ‘junkie’ gets some form of a ‘fix’ for them to escape reality and the things that are making them doubt every step they take. The conflict of interest between each of them leads them to one place that they find a mutual understanding for their universal high.

For each of them, it is getting fucked-up, watching a band play live, with a noise that is built to push them through darkness and into the next scary dawn of losing themselves. Perhaps there is a purpose to losing yourself; it might lead you into finding yourself in the true victory. Ultimately the final junkie remains alone in front of any empty stage speculating the difference between reality and fantasy leaving the viewer wondering if Junkies really do know best. The black and white gives the video a morbid feeling, adding to the blurred lines between reality and dark-fiction.

Watch ‘Junkies Know Best’ below:


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