Watch the video for Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys ‘Winter’


The first single off their debut album Summer’s Not That Simple

“Winter” is a collaboration between musician Lucy Kruger and filmmaker/photographer Caroline Mackintosh. We have two artists and two mediums of contact: the visual and the auditory – a narrative in play, seasonal in its wake. “Winter” is sparse. Black and white. An inkwell of contrast. A separation between two extremes: summer and winter. We have a woman who longs to be sun kissed, but her experience keeps us grounded: Summer’s not that simple.

The bath seems to resemble the womb. The divide between reality and ocean scapes of dream. The water is where you enter. The water is where you leave. Salt water and skin in a monochrome of tenderness. It’s honest when it’s bare: a mermaid stripped and floating in her Venus birth. The lover is a lonely place. Unattainable but desired. Nothing but a season of dismissals and wishes. Duality is on a collision course. This is love in its star-crossed cloak. This is Lucy in her element.


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writer. reader. dreams in 35mm. "we've become this room," she says. "we water all the wrong things"