ByLwansta candid as ever on ‘Oh Well’


An Addendum to Your Absolutely Right

South Africa’s most relatable rapper is back following the defining release of his Your Absolutely Right EP. The EP is almost one year old and in that time we’ve been presented with a project featuring remixes of the entire YAR tracklist produced by Beatmochini and a couple of guest verses including a fierce tirade on the state of hip-hop on Aces Of Spades ‘Facebook Rappers’.

On his latest release, ‘Oh Well’, which premiered on okayafrica, the YAR story continues. ByLwansta considers the track a bonus track from the project and hearing the lyrics which reference tracks and themes from YAR, ‘Oh Well’ is definitely an addendum to the project.

Armed with a great ability to tell stories and his versatile flow, ByLwansta takes us through a moment where he and his girlfriend split for a short period. What’s remarkable is not that he is candid about the situation, but that he literally used the song to get through this situation. ‘Oh Well’ was recorded with his girlfriend in the room and she also features with a little cameo role on the track.

ByLwansta says of the track on okayafrica:

“On the song, I take the listener through a tour of my pain and anxiety. Like, I’m literally dealing with it at that very moment, then out of the blue you hear my girlfriend’s vocal as an ad-lib, and from the listener’s perspective, I assume they’ll be like, ‘wait, what?’ But it’s there to show how we got through it, and I’m just making art and, it’s fucking beautiful.”

Listen to ‘Oh Well’ below.


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