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Streams Of Psychadelica Take Over City Hub

I cannot help but think of a time lost to generations before us, where psychedelic rock music was given away at every concert, outdoor festival and grungy digs. Those who knew its surroundings inhabited its details and those who breathed close to its ambience, reeled in a scene so authentic, so rife with emotive passivity woven with the innate direction to correct, engage and recite its dialogue.

As electronic loops of progression and complexity have diversified the music industry, it is still good to know we can revive a scene not only by embracing it, but supporting it too. And this is what the folks at Psych Night are doing- rebooting the production of music and creating events that make audiences relook and reconnect to their once forlorn or forgotten playlists.

Here they stand in their third year presenting the annual Cape Town Inner City Psych Fest.

As a carefully nurtured entity, this event endeavours to be an encompassing showcase of why and what Psych Night stands for: the celebration of psychedelia, arts – in all its shapes, colours and sizes – and of course, great music.

This year they have expanded their line-up with four events stretching from Thursday through to Sunday. Allow yourself to fully experience their initiative by pulling into all the events planned for the weekend.

Date // Thursday 03 September
Venue // The EYE
Time // 6pm

Psych Night have teamed up with their friends over at LEVITATION (previously Austin Psych Fest) to put together an exhibition. Expect limited silk screen posters from this year’s Levitation and other artwork by local artists. Psych Night and friends will be keeping the mood set high with records being spun all night.

Date // Friday 04 September
Venue // The Manila Bar
Time // 8.30pm

This live music showcase will be officially kicking off the band side of things that promises to be a blur of sonic excitement.

This show will be the official debut of Johnny Tex’s (Future Primitives & Dyna Jets) new band The Fizz Pops, which promises to be associated with the mind-melting greatness that his bands have become synonymous with.

Medicine Boy has just come off their highly successful three-month tour of Europe and the UK and is rearing to go at the SA scene again.

Also joining the line-up are the wild kids of The Gumbo Ya-Ya’s whom will be sure to make a welcome garage rock ‘n roll ruckus in your Friday night.

Date // Saturday 05 September
Venue // The Assembly
Time // 8pm

The folks at Psych Night are ecstatic about their recent partnership with Red Bull Studio and FutureNow to bring you a collaborative album “Into The Sound”. Laced with the stuff of dreams, and sweat from the brows of the bands, this album is already sounding like a collectors piece! The line-up is built from all the artists featuring on the album itself.

Cape Town favourites The Plastics are on the cusp of releasing their new album, and they were fortunate enough to pull them onboard to add their experience and, more excitingly, their new sound to the mixing pot. Mind Pool is joining the line-up with a sound that pin-points their ability to traverse the psych landscapes beautifully. Caves have slipped in and out of the music scene, but their tale of mystery has finally landed with their latest incarnation on the stage this weekend which is completely new, unknown and progressive. Sol Gems are the only band on the line-up from Joburg, but most are familiar with their shoe gaze and Tame Impala-esque allure.
Noah Swinney (of Changeling) has created a new creature with the help of Roxy Caroline (of Heroine). This musical anomaly has been creeping out of the shadows, and is going to take many by surprise.

Date // Sunday 06 September
Venue // Yourstruly Deli
Time // 4pm

Wrapping-up the festival by settling glistened souls in the trees and breeze with stripped-down musical accompaniment by Lucas Swart (of The Very Wicked) and friends. 





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