Introducing TSA


In His Zxne

TSA is the musical identity of Zolile Mcelu. Through this identity, the rapper, singer and songwriter explores his varying influences and expresses his real perspective to carve a unique and authentic voice filled with soul in a saturated monotonous hip-hop space.

What’s admirable about TSA is the way in which he presents his art both sonically and visually. It’s clear that there has been a lot of thought and experimentation behind his understated vocal delivery, slick lyricism and his visual presentation of his work. It’s a good mix of talent, passion and strategy with all of his work released by Nobody Else which is a creative agency he founded with his brother, Mongezi Mcelu.

In 2016, TSA released two EPs titled The Zxne and Finger Snacks. The Zxne was his first studio EP which followed 2015 mixtape Nobody Else. His debut EP was a transitional EP which explored dark themes and saw TSA in a temporary space of unlearning and redefining himself – getting in the zone.

His latest EP, Finger Snacks, was produced entirely by ItsjustaBasic and sees TSA with the bravado of a seasoned veteran well aware of his identity and leveraging his best assets in an exuberant manner. ‘Winter Baby’ off the Finger Snacks suggests that the introverted TSA from The Zxne still exists both thematically and sonically.

Stream ‘Winter Baby’ below and explore TSA on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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