Stream ‘Dr Feelgood’ off Rus Nerwich’s forthcoming album


Local jazz cat drops his latest single of his new album The Whisperer, featuring Pete Philly

The title is as apt as the feeling it conveys. ‘Dr. Feelgood’, the latest single from Rus Nerwich’s upcoming album The Whisperer.

It has an approachable innocence to its mood, a groovy sync of sounds and a lyrical asset that keeps the track lifted in a contemporary fashion. Introducing Dutch MC and vocalist Pete Philly, the man bearing the soul, in both a metaphysical and genre attachment. Fusing funk, jazz and hip hop, this anthem is all about the medicine of a good day, a good rhythm and a great attitude and perspective on life.

The track was co-produced by underground hip hop pioneers Jurassic Five, as well as Tupac collaborator, Erik Rico. Dr. Feelgood pays homage to one of Nerwich’s musical heroes, the late and great artist Prince, with its colourful composition and fluid frenzy of layered textures, all made to soothe your senses into movement and momentum.

Dr. Feelgood is the second single release off the upcoming album, The Whisperer to be released on March 17 2017. Fusing diverse mediums and and styles, the album is informed by both contemporary culture and a deep reverence for musical history and tradition.

Get a glimpse into the making of Dr Feelgood, from the highly anticipated new album by Rus Nerwich here. Dr Feelgood features Mc Pete Philly, Recorded in Belgium, Amsterdam and Cape Town, with featured guitarist all the way from Austin Texas.



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