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The relationship between emotion and sound

Within our current generation, the bubble of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has expanded and popped through a variety of music characterised by repetitive rhythms, often escalated into turbulent drops. This music, which has been topping commercial charts in a fluid consistent state has been able to do so by offering an escape which overwhelms melancholic emotions with pure ecstasy.

As EDM surrendered its stronghold on commercial music to hip-hop, Soundcloud gave light to a form of electronic music on the opposite spectrum of EDM. This platform has boasted an array of this kind of music, giving weight to a variety of electronica acts. Sounds which are influenced by all emotions. Sounds which offer an escape through being in tune with the entire spectrum of sentiment as opposed to masking emotion. Post electronic sounds.

Ever since the release of his debut EP, Inner Space, we have been drawn to Buli’s emotive and tranquil brand of electronica.

His instinct for creating electronica, which is withdrawn yet intricately expressive, resulted in ‘Love Experiment’ being featured in the top 25 of our Fuss List of the best songs of the year.

It was a URL encounter with Vox Portent’s (Steve Hogg) music which prompted Buli to journey into the more experimental fields of electronica. He would go on to build a relationship with Steve who introduced him to Ryan Hemsworth’s Guilt Trips album. Buli was listening to this album a lot when he created ‘Relationships’. It this track which led to the conception of the LP and many of the tracks on the album were built around ‘Relationships’.

“With the other tracks on the album, I wouldn’t say I was heavily influenced by other artists. I was just doing my own thing’ I just wanted to make something which was different to my previous work.”

The influence of Ryan Hemsworth is apparent, with oozing synths and an ambient atmosphere that Buli has made into his own, creating a signature slow tempo pattern through all of his music.

‘Relationships’ unfolds with a prolonged synth key which sounds like a flatlining electrocardiogram until the change in keys brings the introductive melody to life. The sequence meanders along with each repetition, introducing a new flittering texture until the oscillations of the bassline coerce you into a hypnotic state, much like the trajectory of new found relationships.

“It’s a feeling of wanting to be in a relationship or already being in a relationship and all the complexities involved in {said} relationship,” Buli explains of the track.

A relationship is birthed on uncertainty, which is transformed into an interest comparable to the sprouting of a seed. As the exposed stem translates the bliss of the sun and rain into nutrients for it’s concealed root, the symbiotic relationship will eventually see the bloom of trust.

Halfway through ‘Relationships’, glitches and breaks in the beats are introduced. Often times it is at the height of trust in a relationship where we will see adversity. However, it is these sonic distortions which complete the track. It is this uncertainty which gives a relationship it’s beauty.

Buli’s Feels LP is scheduled for release on the 12th of July via The Cult Of Maybe.


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