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Listen To Pollinator’s Debut Single “Motivational Speaker”

Pollinator was founded on the 16th May 2014, and have since been busy finding their flow and working towards releasing an album. Based in Johannesburg without a record label to note, one cannot help but admire their determination to break through the seams of the music industry. Their sound draws its inspiration from Alternative Rock and Grunge counterparts, yet maintains a seemingly affirming disposition. They remind me of bands such as Supergrass, or even the likes of The Darkness.

The band is comprised of Evert Snyman (vocals, guitar), Louise Eksteen (vocals, bass), and Tim Edwards (vocals, drums). Evert Snyman is no newcomer to the music scene and has been associated with acts such as Black Pimpin Jesus, Pink Noise, and Gay Thing (Louise Eksteen being the match-mate counterpart). In addition to Pollinator, Evert also plays drums for Johannesburg-based Rock Band, The Deaf Commission.

Motivational Speaker was recorded, mixed and mastered at The Backline – a sound studio situated in the Auckland Park area, and invariably, the brain child of Evert Snyman and Louise Eksteen.

Motivational Speaker as a single does everything it’s supposed to. It’s catchy, upbeat, and above all, it’s weird and addictive enough to leave one mouthing the chorus at the most inappropriate of times, like recently when I almost died in a taxi. The song wastes no time getting into a groove and seems to guarantee a fun foot-stomping head-banging time. The lyrics aren’t overtly negative, quite the contrary- which is rare in its own right. And that solo. That damned solo will leave your mind humming long after the song has finished. I’m still not sure if it’s melting my brain or pollinating it. Needless to say, when it stops, I crave it. I crave to know how it happens to be so accurately bee-like. Definitely a band worth checking out.

And you’re in luck. They’ll be performing alongside Sol Gems, Hellcats, Goat Throne, and Raptorbaby at The Bohemian on the 14th August for the “Spacey Galactic Mindfuck” event. Thirty rand gets you in – that’s not a lot of money to pay if your brain hasn’t had space sex in a while. Don’t repress those galactic urges.

PS: Tim Edwards personally invites every single alien being in the world.

 Download “Motivational Speaker” above and be sure to follow POLLINATOR on Facebook and Soundcloud to stay up to date.


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