Retro Dizzy action latest video for “Feel Alright”


A trio of astronauts crash land on a desert planet in search of life and salvation.

Navigating their way through the gesture of point, the band members making up Retro Dizzy surf / psych/ punk collective take to the desert in self-titled astronaut suits to undergo a journey that leads them to the edge of one element and the beginning of another. Walking through the cracked soil and whirling sand and making their way to something resembling civilisation, their liveliness lies in their moment when they reach the ocean, and the bizarre and inept character in the baboon suit joins their celebratory instincts. One third of the band forges his flow in the water with one of the three surfboards left for them, while the remaining two eat bananas and get filmed by the baboon. It pretty much sums up their lifestyle: progress and enlightenment to them is as simple as finding three sexy looking surfboards (and a baboon) sitting beside an ocean to satisfy their zest for a new day. In an attempt to keep the foolery alive, as they do so ever humbly on social media and at their live performances, Retro Dizzy never seem to lose sight of the goal: produce great fucking music, that can relate to many a mood and many a person, all while keeping their unity strong and their compositions tightly knit.




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