TSA drops FNGR SNCKS mixtape


TSA satiates his hunger

We introduced TSA to you earlier this year on the back his FNGR SNCKS EP which featured the emotive and oozing ‘Winter Baby’. The track referenced the early and pensive TSA of The Zxne, with the EP as a whole exhibiting a more exuberant TSA filled with bravado.

The FNGR SNCKS mixtape is an extended version of the EP which sees TSA flex with even more braggadocio. The mixtape includes three new tracks titled, ‘CHRIS’, ‘Money Dance’ and ‘Hunger Pains’ featuring Lefa and Solve The Problem. The tracks see TSA claiming what is his with the boldness of veteran MC. It’s an affirmation of his talent and his right to the piece of the pie. His time to stack it up, do the money dance and mend the hunger pains.

In the press release, TSA said of the mixtape:

“The plan is to win the Best Newcomer award at the SAHHAS this year. FNGR SNCKS Mixtape will be the most important follow-up to the Price City Mixtape. Nasty C released a game-changing mixtape which saw him break into the industry as the most promising artist in 2015. It did a lot for the hip-hop culture and so I want to continue to keep the standard up and prevent kids from thinking all they need is a hit single to build a successful career”

TSA is launching the mixtape with an event at The Tennis Club in Johannesburg on the 17th of June. Find out more about the event here and listen to the FNGR SNCKS mixtape below.


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